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When it was completed in 1893, the Monadnock was the world's largest office building. People are still startled by the power and simplicity of its design; some say that modern architecture began with its sweeping curves.

The restoration of the Monadnock is a nationally acclaimed melding of historic character and modern technology. 

The building’s 300 suites are ideal for independent professional firms and entrepreneurs. They range in size from 250 to 5000 square feet, so businesses can grow here without relocating.

Every suite has a distinguished oak and glass entrance and large, operable windows to let in natural light and fresh air. 

The Monadnock houses a vital business community served by a professional staff and on-site ownership that understand the needs of growing firms and give first class service to every tenant.

Monadnock Building
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The Monadnock Building     53 W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604     312.922.1890